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Asset Management

Markets are unpredictable but Trimont’s results are not. On performing investments of all sizes, Trimont manages relationships, risks and information to secure your investments.  Our people are experts in managing assets and we have the capacity to effectively staff complex as well as traditional projects. Our clients have found that success in commercial real estate investment is not served by cutting corners but by rigor, diligence, consistency and excellence.

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Trimont provides a smart, scalable and effective back office, eliminating operational costs from your business. Our ability to execute completely and precisely, coupled with our flexible approach to resolving client issues, positions us as a valuable partner to real estate investors anywhere in the world.

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Construction Administration

Trimont serves as a bridge between lender and owner, monitoring all aspects of lender risk, including construction budget, schedule, critical dates and compliance. With an S&P rating of “strong,” the highest possible for a construction servicer, our experience exceeds that of any other firm. Our commitment to transparency and responsiveness creates a seamless working relationship. Clients rely on Trimont to actively manage and proactively raise issues so they can make informed, confident decisions about construction assets.

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Accounting Services

Experienced. Scalable. Team Approach. Complete Solutions.

Clients trust Trimont’s CPAs and specialized deal servicing experts to operate critical back office accounting functions. We utilize a variety of accounting systems designed specifically for servicing real estate assets. Our legacy of loan servicing and our commitment to technology allows our clients to benefit from unmatched service and commercial real estate expertise.

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Special Asset Management

Special Asset Management has been integral to Trimont since its beginning over 25 years ago. Our specialized team of seasoned professionals brings exceptional experience and expertise to every deal. We are driven to be responsive and dedicated in our service to customers. Trimont is rated by Fitch as a special servicer and as a Commercial Mortgage Special Servicer (Strong) by S&P.

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Information Management & Technology

Data is the fuel of decision-making. Trimont integrates third-party data as well as internal servicing, accounting and asset management information into applications, reporting, data feeds and data access. We collaborate with our clients to make data models specifically supporting their needs, perspectives, risk model and actionable metrics. For more than 15 years, our clients have benefited from an information management and data governance solution that supports client scalability and provides the knowledge to make better decisions.

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Bond Administration

Our public finance experts simplify complex bond transaction. We’re known for innovating – identifying the needs of each party to a complicated deal and developing creative solutions for satisfying all of them. Since 2004 through a large volume of transactions, we’ve delivered oversight services, generated proper investor reports and provided careful administration of project funds in an efficient and timely manner.

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Asset Underwriting & Advisory Services

When clients need real estate talent and skill quickly, we provide it. With experience in valuation of real estate, debt and equity positions on large complex projects, our global team of real estate experts has worked on all four sides of the buying table – with lenders and borrowers, buyers and sellers. We understand the parties, the deal, the property, and the market and give you confidence about your investment decision.

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