Who will you trust with your assets? Mid-level administrators? Or the masters?

Loan Servicing

Trimont provides a smart, scalable and effective back office, eliminating operational costs from your business. Our streamlined processes are driven by experienced managers and empowered with cutting-edge technologies, enabling us to efficiently administer complex loans consistent with the underlying documents and servicing standards. We work closely with our clients to get them the essential data they need, when they need it, in a manner that is informative and applicable. 

For more information contact: Michael Dillon

Primary Asset Management

Our highly experienced team brings true mastery, at both the asset and fund levels, to the mitigation of risk, the management of relationships, and the handling of information necessary to secure the performance of each investment. Our hands-on approach with both performing and non-performing assets creates a true partnership with our clients in executing any type of deal, transaction, or special situation. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the facts that are critical to the ongoing success of each transaction.

For more information contact: Eric Lind

Special Asset Management

Every real estate investment has inherent risks and complexities and, occasionally, they result in an underperforming or non-performing asset. Our team of professionals is ready to tackle the most difficult fact patterns. Having worked on more than 20,000 assets in 61 countries, our Special and Primary Asset Management teams have seen it all, and there is no substitute for experience when it comes to complex debt and equity workouts, whether for securitized or non-securitized transactions. 

For more information contact: Robert Brasfield

Asset Underwriting & Advisory Services

Partnering with users and providers of capital, Trimont is a trusted source for independent analysis and perspectives on the financial risks inherent in commercial real estate throughout the capital stack. We provide underwriting and advisory services to our clients both pre- and post-investment, thereby helping them constantly evaluate risk and return in the face of ever-changing circumstances. In underwriting more than $20 billion annually across all property and investment types, our professionals deliver exceptional precision and value, understanding the critical decisions that weigh on investment committees every day.

For more information contact: Kevin Miller

Financial Management

Because working with Trimont is more cost-effective than building an internal accounting and reporting staff, and more reliable than outsourcing elsewhere, clients turn to our trusted team of CPAs and financial analysts to perform critical back office accounting functions. We leverage the latest technology along with transaction data from our service lines for an integrated delivery of timely and actionable financial information. We help our clients at both the asset and fund levels, and have developed strategic partnerships around the globe to assist with the most complex, diverse financial management tasks.

For more information contact: Glen Peters

Information Management

Data-driven management is the cornerstone of effective governance and strategic decision making. As an innovative industry leader, Trimont offers technologies that afford the most advanced access and resources to deliver complete, current, correct information upon which clients and internal business units can base insightful actions. Simply put, we help our clients translate data into practical, pertinent information.

For more information contact: Maxwell Ellerhorst

Bond Administration

Trimont is an industry leader for bond administration services on issuances in connection with real estate, infrastructure, public-private partnerships, and economic development initiatives. We understand the nuances of the issuance process and the complexities and conflicts that can arise with and between the various parties to the transaction, having worked closely with domestic and foreign governments, administrative agencies and other key stakeholders to guide successful outcomes for all concerned.

For more information contact: John Gass

Construction Loan Administration

As the world’s leading construction loan administrator and asset manager, we’ve worked on some of the most complicated debt and equity investment structures for development projects to date, and can also manage smaller projects with ease. With acumen and accuracy, we review, track and report on detailed budgets, contracts, draws, capital accounts, invoices, schedules, deed and lien releases, title reports and inspections, tirelessly working to protect our clients from all investment risks. 

For more information contact: Thomas Wise