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Financial Analyst in Dallas, TX

The Financial Analyst role is a client-facing position on our Performing Asset Management team with responsibilities that include conducting monthly reconciliations of estimated remaining collections on all assets and preparing weekly collections reports. This person in this role monitors and provides forecast collections, operating results and trends on special business lines. Qualified candidates will have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or two years’ experience in related business and experience in financial concepts including cash flow, WAL, NPV, IRR and ROI. 

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Our people say it best

Tanya Bush
Director, Accounting (9 years at Trimont)

"One of the aspects I like best about working at Trimont is our focus on diversity and inclusion. For instance, our internal ELEVATE team hosts multiple events, from webinars, to small group chats to training and community volunteering. We learn so much about ourselves and each other, which in turn “elevates” our team. In my role specifically, these initiatives help me in better understanding individual attributes, problem solving and developing my team."

Tripp Cade
Associate Director, Credit & Asset Management (3 years at Trimont)

"Trimont always keeps their employees in mind as decisions are made and encourages collaboration across all departments in the company. It’s been extremely rewarding to see firsthand how supportive the company is and how engaged senior management is in our professional and community-based initiatives. Trimont cares about their employees on a personal level, not just professional."

Zohra Kamal
Executive Director, Office of the COO (15 years at Trimont)

"As a “boomerang” employee who first came to Trimont in 2003, left briefly and then returned, I am a testament to the unique culture here. We’ve created a workplace that fosters collaboration while supporting our individual growth, and provides the training and development tools to do so. What I enjoy the most, is the opportunity to wear many different hats and interact with multiple contributors in the organization. Every day is something new."

Darwin Marrero
Analyst, Global Information Systems (1.5 years at Trimont)

"The best part of my job is collaborating with the talented group of people I work with – developers and subject matter experts. The culture at Trimont facilitates the refinement of my skills and make the data modeling experience a prodigious one, that I believe shows through my work. At Trimont, I have a manager and colleagues that respect my professional opinion, listen to my ideas, and support my decisions. I like knowing my work contributes to something bigger—it feels more like purpose and less like work."