Trimont University

At Trimont, we demonstrate our core values by ensuring that life-long learning and employee development are an integral part of our culture. We’ve created Trimont University as a complimentary program, bringing all our professional education efforts under one umbrella. Through instructor-led courses, e-learning and video modules that cover a wide range of topics, Trimont University offers every employee the opportunity to develop and master the skills needed to service our clients as a true subject-matter expert. From leadership training to real estate law, business writing and understanding loan documents, the training program is available to our employees worldwide, regardless of location or seniority, utilizing a variety of technology solutions to meet the needs of a modern, global workforce.

“The NYUSPS certificate program is a great opportunity to learn from a highly rated and prestigious university without incurring the added costs. Through this program, I was able to further my knowledge on all forms of real estate. I learned specifics regarding development, site acquisition, property management, and more. This is a great opportunity not just for professional growth, but personal growth as well. The skills and knowledge learned from the Schack Institute of Real Estate can literally last your entire life! I highly recommend this program to anyone seriously interested in the real estate field.”

— Allen Jackson
Associate, Credit & Asset Management

“The NYUSPS certificate program is a good training program, taught by instructors with extensive industry experiences. Each class has its own structured curriculum agenda, so you really need to make the time and effort to study in order to succeed. I like the flexibility of the self-paced study, and the ease of being able to connect with instructors and classmates.. It has helped me to sharpen my analytical skills and to better understand/cooperate with other departments within the company.”

— Yue Qiu
Associate Director, Operational Services

“I am a 25-year CRE veteran and have been at Trimont for 12 years, so I’ve worn a lot of hats. The opportunity to continue learning and sharpening my skills is critical to my continued success and my ability to serve my clients. Being able to study remotely through the NYUSPS Schack Institute of Real Estate— one of the premier real estate educators, was immediately attractive to me as a real estate professional. I am so glad we developed this collaboration with them. I would highly recommend their curriculum to those at virtually any level of experience.”

— Chris Cummings
Director, Credit & Asset Management