Restructuring Designed to Drive Growth and Ongoing Effective Execution of the Global Advisory Firm’s Core Competencies

ATLANTA, GA (June 20, 2016) —Trimont Real Estate Advisors, the premier provider of asset management, servicing, due diligence and customized advisory solutions to real estate clients around the world, today announced a leadership reorganization that will further drive corporate growth centered on the global advisory’s key services and strengths. The move comes in response to the industry’s growing demand for specialized solutions for today’s increasingly complex transactional needs.

“As a global industry leader regarded for providing high-touch, highly technical smart back-office solutions for real estate clients, Trimont Real Estate Advisors must continuously evolve to stay ahead of the market and drive exceptional results,” said Brian Ward, CEO. “Our newly reorganized model better aligns our leadership and services around our core competencies in delivering excellence, supporting highly complex transactions, and providing an unparalleled level of service with a tailored approach.”

When Ward joined Trimont this past January, his mandate was to expand the diverse solutions provider even further into the market of real estate financial services. This restructuring serves to meet that end. With more than $99 billion of client assets under management, and offices in the U.S., U.K. and The Netherlands, Trimont provides real estate financial services such as asset management, asset servicing, CMBS bond trustee services, construction loan administration and services, and underwriting.

Trimont’s core services are now aligned under the following: Special Asset Management, Primary Asset Management, Core Servicing, Construction Administration, Bond Administration and Due Diligence.  Trimont also provides third party accounting and information management services, as well as CMBS Trust Advisory services.

Under the reorganization, John D’Amico, formerly Director of Special Asset Management with more than 30 years of industry expertise, will serve as Senior Managing Director and head of Client Services. Mitchell Hunter, formerly Senior Vice President, will step into D’Amico’s role and oversee the team responsible for Special Asset Management in connection with his duties as the Central Region’s head operating out of Trimont’s Dallas office.

As part of the restructuring, a European Desk has also been added to Trimont’s global organization, which provides depth and breadth to the firm’s operations abroad, specifically in London and Amsterdam. Petra Fishert, Michael de Jong, Belen Perez Pena and Nanette Reitsma will continue to oversee Trimont’s services in Amsterdam, while Jaymon Jones and Chris Ferguson will lead London operations.  The European Desk will include support from as many as 200 Trimont professionals in the United States.

Trimont has also made moves with its executive team - Steve Lauer has been promoted to Chief Legal Officer overseeing legal affairs, as well as risk management, insurance, rating agencies and compliance, and the trust advisory business. Additionally, Don Sather has taken the position of Chief Human Resources Officer; he will also serve as primary supervisor of Trimont University, the firm’s internal professional development program.

Finally, under this reorganization Trimont’s prior owners—John Charles, Greg Winchester and Ernie Davis—will transition to serve as Senior Advisors to the CEO as of September 2016.


About Trimont Real Estate Advisors

Trimont Real Estate Advisors ( is a real estate financial services provider with more than $130 billion of client assets under management, providing services to commercial lenders and investors since 1988. Trimont is the leading provider of asset management, servicing, due diligence and advisory solutions to commercial real estate clients around the world. The firm has approximately 230 employees among six offices in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, London, Los Angeles and New York. From these offices, Trimont has managed more than 22,000 assets and provided services to clients in 64 countries. 

Trimont is a highly rated primary, special, and construction servicer, with particular expertise in repositioning and development deals. Trimont is rated by Standard & Poor's as a Commercial Mortgage Special Servicer (Strong) a Construction Loan Servicer (Strong), and Commercial Primary Servicer (Above Average). It is rated by Fitch as a Primary Servicer (CPS2+) and a Special Servicer (CSS2), and by Kroll Bond Ratings, Inc.