Raquel Brown tapped to lead firm’s global security, data and cyber-technologies.

Trimont Real Estate Advisors, the global leader in commercial real estate credit management, servicing and advisory services, announces the promotion of Raquel Brown to Global Chief Security Officer. Ms. Brown previously held the position of Managing Director, overseeing Trimont’s Cybersecurity efforts in the Americas and has more than 20 years of experience at Trimont with financial services technologies and security protocols. In addition to her promotion and expanded responsibilities, Ms. Brown joins Trimont’s Executive Operating Committee and will now report directly to CEO Brian Ward.

“Cybersecurity is probably the greatest threat facing companies today and, in connection with our continuing efforts to be the global leader in commercial real estate credit management, we are perpetually committed to elevating our people, processes and systems so that we may not only combat these constant threats but serve as an industry leader on technology and security,” says CEO Brian Ward.

Over the last four years Trimont has made substantial investments in their technology and information security, not only running a globally integrated platform for credit management and loan servicing but offering the leading data visualization and analytical tools so that clients may better evaluate risk and return in real time through their proprietary application, TriviewTM. Trimont strongly believes that you cannot just be an industry leader in technology – you must also be an industry leader in security. With Trimont’s advancements on the technology front partnered with a formalized security framework, Trimont can provide “best of breed” solutions and services to our clients.

“I’m excited to oversee the continued expansion of the Trimont security program and appreciate the commitment and understanding of the importance of security by Trimont overall”, comments Ms. Brown.


About Trimont

Trimont Real Estate Advisors (trimontrea.com) specializes in the asset management of complex performing and non-performing credit on behalf of commercial real estate lenders and investors around the world. Trimont also provides loan servicing, facility and security agency, cash management, fund and asset level accounting, underwriting, due diligence and leading technologies such as TriviewSM, that empower clients to better evaluate and manage risk and return.

Over its 30-year history Trimont has managed more than $645 Billion of debt and equity investments into commercial real estate, comprising more than 26,400 assets managed in 66 countries. Trimont is highly rated by Standard & Poor's, Fitch and Kroll and serves clients around the world from major offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, London, and Sydney.