Trimont was engaged by a large U.S. investment bank to provide servicing on a £290 million securitized loan.


Shell Mex House is a landmark 12-story office building situated between the Strand and River Thames in London, UK. Designed by architect Ernest Joseph, the building is a prominent example of the Art Deco style that swept through London during the 1930s. The building is formerly the home of Europe’s largest hotel, but was stripped to the frame for the construction of Shell Mex in 1930. Between 1932 and 1975 the building was the London headquarters for Shell Mex, a joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum.


  • With a diameter of 7.62 meters, the clock on the top of the building, known as “Big Benzene,” is the largest clock face in London.
  • During World War II, the building was requisitioned by the government to serve as the headquarters for the Ministry of Supply, which coordinated supplies of equipment to the national armed forces.
  • A private underground tunnel runs beneath the Thames connecting Shell Mex House with the Shell Centre.