Trimont serves as the bondholder representative on $134 million of taxable bonds issued to fund the demolition, construction, and renovation of 961 housing units at the Academy.


The United States Military Academy, also known as West Point, provides a superb four-year education, which focuses on leader development in the academic, military, and physical domains. Founded in 1802, West Point is situated on scenic high ground overlooking the Hudson River in West Point, New York (about 50 miles north of New York City). Being accepted for admission to the United States Military Academy is an exceptional honor reserved for our nation’s most exceptional students. Those who are selected to attend USMA receive a college education that is unparalleled in the world with tuition, room and board and expenses fully paid. Graduates are obligated to serve in the United States Army as officers for a set period of time and eventually become leaders in many walks of life. The campus itself is built mostly in a neo-Gothic architectural style and constructed from granite in a predominantly gray and black hue. Along with approximately 4,000 in-residence undergraduates, West Point hosts thousands of visitors each year.


  • The academy grounds are home to numerous monuments and statues including the Patton Monument, which was first dedicated in 1950.
  • The West Point Cemetery is the final resting place of many notable graduates and faculty including Medal of Honor recipients, men and women from every major conflict and Gen. George Custer.